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Smoked Turkey Squares

Submitted by:  Joyce Nissley, April 10, 2010


Joyce's Notes: During the 1990's I lived primarily in Las Cruces, New Mexico, but I returned to Bainbridge several times a year for winery duties, such as overseeing the personalized wine orders in December. One drawback of the Las Cruces residence was the necessity to conserve the Nissley wines checked thru with my luggage. However, a distinct benefit of living in New Mexico was the discovery of the Santa Fe Seasons brand of seasonings. I developed this recipe for Uncork York Tour de Tanks, a wine trail event held weekends in March at the Winery. I overheard the very first taster saying to his wife, "These are really good!"  And that made my day.

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Smoked Turkey Squares with Grapes


1  1/4


Hickory Smoked Turkey  (Boar's Head brand preferred).  
Ask the deli for fairly thick slices, suitable for rolling.



Swiss Cheese,  same thickness as the turkey slices.



Seedless Black Grapes, washed and cut in half. 


Chile Blend Seasoning (Santa Fe Seasons brand preferred)


1.  Re-stack 5 slices of turkey so that edges are even.  The height should be just over 1/2".  Add another slice if necessary.  Sprinkle top slice with Chile Blend seasoning.  Add another slice to cover the seasoning.  

2.  With a long-blade chef's knife, make the first cut inside one long edge, to remove the crusty part.  To minimize waste, allow the rough corners to remain temporarily.  

3.  Make two or three long cuts at 7/8" intervals to form strips.

4.  Repeat step #2 and #3, beginning at one end, to make squares.   Reserve the corners and trimmings for another use.

5.  Re-stack the cheese so that edges are even, and cut squares using the same method as above. 

6.  Place a layer of cheese and half a grape (flesh-side-down) on top of each turkey stack.  Insert a party pick straight down, to the very bottom.  

7.  Place the squares on a serving plate, by using a paring knife to lift and support each bottom.  

8.  Sprinkle lightly with more Chili Blend seasoning.  This looks especially appealing when you use a white plate.

Note:  Green or black olives can be substituted for grapes.

Yield:  Approx. 40 servings.

Wine PairingNissley Candlelight, a semi-dry pale rosé.  Or your favorite Nissley wine.


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